Become a football strategy expert and outsmart your competition

Coach, do you struggle with knowing what to do when …

Whether you should punt on 4th down & 5 on your opponent’s 45?
When to start using timeouts defensively to save time when you’re trailing?
How early should I start going for 2?
Should I go for 2 when we cut the lead to 9?
What situations are there where I should definitely not kick FGs?
How aggressive should our offense be towards the end of the first half?
When is it more important to burn clock or stay aggressive with a lead?
When are the ideal times to try onside kicks?
Should I ever kick on 4th & 1?
When it is beneficial to either give up an intentional touchdown defensively or not score a touchdown offensively?

what’s included

Situational Philosophies

In this course, CAI discusses how coaches should handle situations and employ game-winning strategies that might come up every game, a couple of times in a season or only once or twice in a career. CAI's situational philosophies derive from CAI's data analysis, and CAI explains the rationale behind our recommendations so coaches can improve their football strategy knowledge and win more games.

Case Studies

In this course, you will find hundreds of scenarios that have grown very familiar to you: what to do on 4th-and-short from your own 45; whether to go for 2 early on and risk spending the game chasing points; whether to attempt an onside kick. This course analyzes scenarios such as these in detail and follows each option down to its respective conclusions. You might be surprised by how CAI's statistically based recommendations initially appear counter to years of conventional wisdom.

IN SEASON Game Updates

Each week during the 2020 season, CAI will feature a Situation of the Week that we will discuss as part of the CAI Strategy Academy. Coaches can read about CAI's recommendations for how coaches could have handled the most interesting and pivotal situations from across the country right after they happen.

Using CAI allowed me to coach the way I love to coach—being aggressive and going for it with confidence and without hesitation. I think every staff needs CAI as a resource. I wouldn’t want to coach another season without it.
Lane Kiffin

Ole Miss head coach

I wish I’d had the opportunity to use this for the past 25 years. It absolutely is beneficial to our team, to our staff and to our success. I don’t want any of our opponents to use it. That’s the best endorsement I can give.
Jeff Monken

Army head coach


Coaches today can plan for every scenario and aspect of their program. From recruiting, to player development, to X’s and O’s, NFL and college staffs invest in game preparation to reduce risk and enable better decision-making. When it comes to in-game strategy; however, coaches are often forced to make real-time game-altering decisions. Despite meticulous preparation, coaches too often rely on instinct versus proven facts.

Championship Analytics, Inc. (CAI) was founded in Atlanta, GA in 2011 with the goal of integrating world-class analytics with a coach’s insight to take the guesswork out of in-game decision making. CAI invented and patented the CAI Game Book – a first of its kind playbook that delivers the proper decision for any scenario from the opening kick to the end of the game – customized for the match-up, no computer required. CAI works with more than 90 football teams, including teams from the NFL, Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC, ACC, CUSA, AAC, MAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt, Ivy League, Big Sky, Patriot League, CAA, Big South, Ohio Valley Conference and Pioneer League.



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