Situational Philosophies

In this course, CAI discusses how coaches should handle situations and employ game-winning strategies that might come up every game, a couple of times in a season or only once or twice in a career. CAI's situational philosophies derive from CAI's data analysis, and CAI explains the rationale behind our recommendations so coaches can improve their football strategy knowledge and win more games.

Case Studies

In this course, you will find hundreds of scenarios that have grown very familiar to you: what to do on 4th-and-short from your own 45; whether to go for 2 early on and risk spending the game chasing points; whether to attempt an onside kick. This course analyzes scenarios such as these in detail and follows each option down to its respective conclusions. You might be surprised by how CAI's statistically based recommendations initially appear counter to years of conventional wisdom.

IN SEASON Game Updates

Each week during the 2020 season, CAI will feature a Situation of the Week that we will discuss as part of the CAI Strategy Academy. Coaches can read about CAI's recommendations for how coaches could have handled the most interesting and pivotal situations from across the country right after they happen.